What Is The Best Form Of Aerial Advertising For Your Business? Here Are Some Options You Have To Choose From

Posted on: 9 March 2016


You have seen them. Those airplanes carrying banners telling the local community about a new service, product or type of entertainment. They are an effective means of advertising because they can reach a wide audience very quickly and are definitely attention grabbers. There are various types of aerial advertising, however, and if you are looking to showcase your business in this way, you have a few options to choose from. 

Hot-Air Balloons

A rather unique form of aerial advertising is to place envelopes or pieces of candy wrapped in your business' logo and fly them in a hot-air balloon. These balloons can be the traditional shape or you can rent cartoon characters such as a giant honey bee or rabbit to really bring attention to your business. You will reach a huge audience and more likely gain much more attention to your business than if you went with a newspaper ad.   


Blimps have been used in advertising for decades and you can rent space on one as well. They definitely catch attention and your potential customers are more likely to read your advertisement since a blimp's speed is slower than conventional aircraft. The cost of renting a blimp is usually lower than an airplane due to their lower fuel costs.

Airplane Banner and Skywriting

The most common form of aerial advertising is definitely the airplane carrying a banner behind it. These are usually single-engine aircraft in which the banner is attached to a grappling hook and flown behind the plane. This form of advertising is used in virtually every city in the United States except for New York City and Washington D.C which both have restricted airspace.

Skywriting is another very effective way to get potential customers' attention. If you are looking to get out a short message, possibly just your company's name, then this could be a great way to get noticed, as skywriting is not as common as other forms of aerial advertising.

Helicopter Banners

Helicopter banners are not unlike airplane banners in the way they are carried through the sky. A large banner, usually made of pieces of fabric, printed in rows that are joined together to create a very large banner in which the helicopter will tow behind it. These banners typically can be seen for greater distances than airplane banners.


A newer way to advertise and best used at a festival or amusement park is to advertise using a drone. There are several popular online retailers who plan to use drones as a delivery system and your business can use them to distribute flyers, product samples and business cards to potential customers in populated areas like parks or music festivals.

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