Mobile Billboard Campaign Tips

Posted on: 10 March 2016


One segment of the advertising market that you might not be covering is the mobile billboard. Mobile billboards have a number of different advantages that make them attractive to advertisers, including the ability to hit a wide variety of people in a specific locality and the level of interest that it can cause to be drawn to your company. Here are some tips for being sure that your mobile billboard campaign is as effective as possible.

1. Keep Updating Your Route

Make sure that you keep data on the amount of traffic that you generate to your site or to your phone lines after each day of your mobile advertising campaign. If you keep all of your advertising the same but run two different routes of your mobile billboard, then there's a good chance that any significant change in the number of interested customers contacting you is due to a change in route. Plan two or three different routes when you first start your campaign. They can be entirely different from one another or partly similar and partly different. Run one each day in rotation so that each route gets run on a few weekdays and a few weekends. This should give you enough data to make an intelligent decision about which route you should run long term.

If you notice that the amount of traffic that you are generating is falling off, you may need to change your route to guarantee new eyes seeing your ad. Change your route until you are getting the amount of interest that you desired.

2. Go for the Largest Size Offered

The main cost of a mobile billboard advertising campaign is the gas and expertise needed to drive the vehicle that has the mobile billboard on it. There is usually no extra charge from the mobile advertising agency for carrying a sign that is larger than another sign. Your only extra cost is going to be getting the billboard printed itself. This one-time cost usually doesn't need to be duplicated. The larger the ad, the more attention it is going to attract, so go with the largest ad that you can afford to print and still run your advertising campaign for the agreed-upon amount of time.

3. Make Sure the Truck Looks Awesome

Don't use a billboard truck that is rusting at the bottom or doesn't look clean. If people see your ad and then immediately see a car that looks worn out, they are going to create a negative association between your company and something that is worn out. Make sure that you are hiring a truck that looks awesome.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in mobile billboard advertising campaigns.