Creative Ideas For Your Arena Advertising Message

Posted on: 20 April 2016


Regardless of the type of business you manage, it can be beneficial to consider advertising at your local arena. While your advertisement should always have an eye-catching design and enough information to entice the prospective customer to learn more, there are several unique opportunities for advertising in this location. Your ad will be seen by a significant number of families who are active in sports -- for example, parents waiting for their child to finish a hockey game or figure skating lessons. As such, it's worthwhile to think about developing a sports theme to your ad, even if your business itself isn't related to sports. Here are some ideas about how to make your ad stand out. 

Offer Discounts For Sports Families

An effective way to reach out to people in the arena setting is to offer them a discount to your business for showing that they saw the ad at the arena. You can explore several different avenues. For example, give 10 percent off your product for a person who visits your store with a child who is wearing a team jacket of his or her youth sports team. This idea is especially beneficial if your business can relate to kids -- for example, a toy store or an ice cream shop. You can also target coaches with advertising that tells coaches they can get a discount for showing proof of their coaching certification upon visiting you.

Partner With A Local Team

Partnering with a local team is another ideal way to make your arena advertising stand out. If there's a local junior hockey team that plays at the arena, for example, arrange to have members of the team visit your store (in uniform) and have a professional photographer shoot some shots. You can then use one of these images on the ad with a slogan such as "The Junior Wildcats Eat At Bill's Burgers After Their Games." This community link is appreciated by many people and you can certainly count on this ad being noticed by the parents of the players.

Have Fun With Trivia

It's important to remember that you have somewhat of a captive audience when you advertise at an arena. Parents of youth athletes often sit in the stands for long periods of time, meaning that if your ad intrigues them in some way, they'll likely check out your website or social media presence on their smartphones. To this end, offer a trivia question about a local sports hero or something else relevant to sports parents -- and then post the answer on your website. A message such as "Who scored the most goals in this arena in one season? Check out my site for the answer" can direct people to your online presence.