3 Benefits Of Direct Mail Marketing

Posted on: 29 November 2018


Direct mail marketing should be included in your overall marketing strategy instead of relying exclusively on online methods. There are numerous benefits to direct mail since you can use more tactics to attract customers.

Better Return On Investment

Direct mail is considered to offer a better return on investment for several reasons. Most importantly, mailings tend to be seen by their recipients more often than if the same information were presented in online formats. Since online marketing is common, many people simply scroll past advertisements, but a piece of mail stands out and creates more of an impact. Additionally, advertising through email is easy to overlook since many people primarily depend on email as their preference for correspondence. Their email might be full of junk mail, and even important emails can easily land in the spam folder. Direct mail does not have this level of competition, so each piece is more likely to reach its target.

More Specific

It is harder to hone in on a specific person or audience through online advertising methods, especially since you need to rely on information submitted by potential customers or IP addresses. You might acquire some basic information from third parties, such as from email lists or social media, but people are generally more hesitant about giving out detailed information online. Using IP addresses to help with targeting is not highly specific. IP addresses do not provide you with an accurate address or neighborhood that could better help you with targeting a specific demographic. Sending correspondence through direct mail marketing is better because you might want to make changes to your strategy based on a person's neighborhood, especially if you are considering the most likely competitors in a certain location.

Opportunities For Creativity

There is only so much you can do to be creative with online advertising. Vivid colors, graphics, or videos can easily go from being creative to an annoyance. Since direct mail allows for a tactile experience for the recipient, it provides another resource for creativity. For example, if your business sold sheets with a high thread count, your mailing could include a fabric sample so the recipient could feel the luxurious sheets. This is an experience that is impossible to achieve with online advertising. Other direct mail marketing ideas include sending the recipient a reusable shopping bag and offering them a discount on whatever they fit into the bag. Both online-only or brick-and-mortar retailers can capitalize on the ability to send a tangible item.

Incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy is a better investment for your business. Direct mail increases the visibility of your message and offers an experience you cannot recreate online.