• 6 Reasons Your Accounting Firm Should Be Sending Out an Email Newsletter

    If your accounting firm doesn't send out a regular newsletter, it could be losing out on business. A regular newsletter will give your customers important information, while also separating you from the competition.  1. Touch Base with Old Customers A newsletter will remind old customers that you're available, and may prompt them to connect with you if they have questions. Even clients who have left may be having issues with their current provider and may be prompted to come back.
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  • Tips For Marketing Your Cannabis Products

    Owning a cannabis-related company was difficult to market in the past, but now the changing laws have made it possible to market your products. Simply because you own a company related to cannabis does not mean you don't want to build strong customer relationships. These marketing techniques will help you establish yourself as a force in your industry. Embrace Email Marketing Marketing through email is a great way to personalize your communications.
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  • How Ethnography International Market Research Services Can Help You Expand Your Business

    You might have decided that you would like to expand your business to an international market. After all, you might have heard of other companies becoming successful from doing this, and you could think that you have products or services to offer that people from other countries will be interested in. Before you try to expand your business into an international market, you will probably want to use an ethnography international market research service so that you can do research.
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