Factors To Consider During Organizational Change

Posted on: 7 March 2016


If you are considering an organizational change in your business, or a complete shakeup of management and best practices, then you are going to need to hire an organizational transformation company to help you with the change, or plan the change out yourself. If you choose to do the latter, here are some questions that you should ask yourself in order to make sure that the organizational transformation goes as smoothly as possible.

1. What is the environment encouraging me to change and what will the environment encourage me to change in the future?

First, figure out what the environment is encouraging you to change. For example, if you need more transparency in your company because your shareholders and customers are demanding it, then you need to figure out a way to implement your management practices with this transparency. If your shareholders are asking you for more regular reports but have not yet asked for more complete transparency, then you will likely be able to sense that they are going to demand more complete transparency and can therefore prepare for it ahead of time. Considering the present and the future when it comes to your organizational transformation can save you a ton of time and money since you won't have to reorganize your business again for a long time. By focusing on what your outer environment is encouraging you to change in your company, you will be able to achieve your goals, as well as greater efficiency, in a shorter period of time.

2. What do you want to use as transactional changes?

Next, you need consider what your transactional agreements are now and what you would like them to be in the future. When you are changing the organization of your entire company, how you do things is going to change. This is also going to change how your employees are motivated. Transactional agreements are essentially what employees engage with in the company that motivates them to work. For example, employees might work harder if you provide cash incentives for them based on the amount of product that they sell. If you change your organization so that a higher level of customer service is met, then you might need to change the transactional agreements between your business and the employees to reflect this new priority.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in transformational organization. They will be able to help guide you through the process for a lower fee if you are doing it on your own than if you engaged with them full time.