The Solution To Workplace Mood Elevation May Be Right Under Your Nose

Posted on: 25 November 2019


Do your workers often complain about mundane practices? Do they seem to lack motivation, concentration, and energy? If so, you are likely scrambling to come up with solutions to the problem. You know you need to motivate your team of employees, but you're not quite sure how. The workspace is clean, the pay is good, and the benefits are on point, so what is missing?

The answer to your problem may be right under your nose. Literally. The power of scent can go a long way toward improving the mood within a workspace. That doesn't mean you need to rush to the store and grab every scented candle you can find. The solution is much easier than that. Instead, you can incorporate the help of a company that offers a commercial air duct scent system.

The Nose Knows

Your nose is a powerful feature. Providing your nostrils with the right smell can do the following:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Offer motivation
  • Boost attentiveness
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Improve feelings of joyfulness
  • Lend a boost in energy

Knowing which scents to use can help you choose the right smells to pump through your commercial duct system to help improve the workplace environment for your employees.

Pining Away Over Stress

Are your employees feeling to stressed to stay motivated and focused at work? Are you pining away trying to figure out how to solve that problem? Consider the scent of fresh-cut pine. A study determined that the smell of pine can drastically lower stress and depression levels.

Kicking Problem-Solving into Caffeinated High-Gear

It is no secret that coffee can be a source of motivation. Drinking coffee is a popular go-to for people who want to feel awake and energized. Therefore, it might not be surprising to discover that the smell of coffee can improve a person's problem-solving skills. Therefore, if your employees need a boost when it comes to problem-solving, consider pumping the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans through your ducts.

Spicing Up Levels of Focus and Attention

Do your employees struggle with attentiveness? Are you looking for a way to help sharpen their minds? Cinnamon is a great go-to for that. Aside from the fact that cinnamon makes a person feel warm and cozy, a study found that it can also improve the power of the mind. Participants who smelled cinnamon reported improved memory, attentiveness, and visual-motor response.

A professional company can help you choose the right scent based on the needs of your employees and the overall working environment. Talk with a company today to find out what scents they have to offer for your commercial space and the benefits of those smells.