3 Premium Add-Ons Ideal For Door Hanger Advertisements

Posted on: 12 August 2022


One of the more effective ways to advertise directly to consumers is with a door hanger ad. Consumers cannot avoid the ad when they have to pull on a door handle and more often than not, the person will physically remove the ad. When you order customized door hanger advertisements to promote your business—such as at Doorhangers.com—seek out add-ons to help the ads stand out.

The following premium add-ons can make a big difference in the success of your door hangers and will help draw more attention to the business.

1. Vertical Rip Business Cards

The bottom of your door hanger advertisement can feature a vertical rip business card feature. The easy-to-remove card can include contact information, your business logo, and other extras like a coupon. A rip-off section of the door hanger makes it easy for potential customers to save part of your ad and place the coupon in a purse or wallet.

Coupons can entice people to follow up on the ad and come visit your business. A vertical rip door hanger is typically longer than a traditional hanger, so the extra area can hang off the bottom.

2. Glass Gloss Print Finish

If you want your advertisement to stand out, then consider a glass gloss finish to the hanger. A glass gloss adds an extra layer of high-quality gloss that makes the whole ad stand out. The colors will pop and people will easily see the door hanger from a distance. The quality really stands out and can reflect on your business as well.

When you hang the glossy door hangers on exterior doors, the gloss will create a nice shine that pops in the sunlight.

3. Double-Sided Door Hangers

Instead of information printed on just one side of a door hanger, you can maximize the space with a double-sided door hanger. The reverse side of a door hanger gives you a lot of options for extra information. For example, if own a restaurant, the back side of a door hanger can showcase some of your signature meals.

Take advantage of the extra space to add more photos and really promote everything your business has to offer. The extra effort will supply customers with as much information as possible so they do not need to put in extra work to find out more about your business.

Take your time to pick out which features and details you want to add to the door hangers. In many cases, you can add all of the features to a single product.